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Rooted in equal parts science and religion, the author holds a unique perspective on the unremitting clash between Darwinism and Creationism. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Michael Bash developed a strong interest as a youth in religious theory and studied the Bible, the Talmud and Rashi. Bash has been a successful real estate developer for over 55 years, holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering from NJIT, has served in the White House as a Financial Advisor. Michael Bash raised millions of dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and is an active philanthropist.

Over the years, Michael continued his passion, and his studies included Creationism, Intelligent Design, along with various other Christian-oriented perspectives.

In Evolution by God, Bash reveals how specific applications of science and technology provide rational explanation for the possible existence of a personal God, one that is a capable of answering millions of prayers simultaneously. The question about how prayers may be answered has baffled even the most dedicated of religious scholars for thousands of years!

God is Alive and Googling!

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